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EVTs with Plates

Torr provides many of its elastomeric vacuum tools with plates. Some applications are:

  1. Manufacturing of laminates or sandwich panels, both production and test articles.
  2. Compacting and curing of a mold that is set on the plate.
       For this, Torr may have to seam or mold a custom diaphragm.
  3. Table-top compaction

Molded Diaphragm with Plate

Vacuum bagging tool with molded diaphragm and machined aluminum base for use with customer's mold. Note gas-springs for counterbalancing the lid. Front closure holds seal in contact with plate during vacuum initiation. Process is 350°F, 85 psi.

Pleated Diaphragm with Plate

Two EVTs with pleated diaphragms to accommodate mold and part shape. A separate fairing bar assembly fits around the mold to reduce stress on the diaphragm. Each tool has one vacuum port and one thermocouple connection

Diaphragm with Plate

A typical table-top tool used for compacting and autoclave curing of various parts. Tool has high-temp gas-springs to counterbalance the weight of the top assembly, and front closures to hold the seal in contact with the plate during vacuum initiation.

Loose Diaphragm with Plate

Tool with diaphragm bonded in a "loose" configuration so it fits the part and reduces stress on the rubber. Note overcenter clamps along the front edge for holding seal in contact with plate during vacuum initiation. Front closures aren't required but help in situations where tools might lose vacuum while staged outside the autoclave or oven and you want to assure reinitiation.