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Over the years Torr has created a number of documents on vacuum bagging such as Product Information Sheets, Instruction Sheets and general vacuum bagging information.   As time permits we will be making these documents available in PDF format in this section of our website.

General Vacuum Bagging Information

 Product Overview

Detailed overview of Torr vacuum bagging systems and related components


 Mold Design Guidelines

A primer on designing molds and fixtures for use with reusable vacuum bagging systems


 Tube Bonders

4 tube bonder concepts / configurations along with an explanation of using tube bonders


Instructions / Usage Examples

 Torr Tool Use

Basics for using, troubleshooting, and repairing Torr vacuum tools


 Unrolling Instructions

How to unroll B-stage or uncured silicone to prevent wrinkles in surface


 Hinge Installation

Installing hinge supports and hinges to understructures of molds


 884200 Installation

Locating and installing vacuum port with frame-mounted connection


 Thru-Diaphragm Thermocouple Installation

Instructions and photos illustrate installing a Torr thermocouple through a silicone membrane.


 Vacuum Probe Use

How to prepare and use standard and cinch-style vacuum probes.


 Diaphragm Installation

Positioning molded diaphragms for vacuum bagging.


 Hose-Probe-QD Combinations

Illustrations of the most common connection configurations using Torr hose, probes and quick-disconnects


 Vacuum Plumbing for Molds & Tools

Diagrams of possible vacuum plumbing configurations.


Product Information


Filtered vacuum probe



Stainless steel vacuum probe with 1/4" Snaptite adapter threads



VP37 vacuum port description and installation in molds and tooling



Compact venturi vacuum pump with gauge and regulator



Small venturi vacuum pump - basic assembly



Small venturi vacuum pump with vacuum probe



Electric rotary vane vacuum pump with various add-on options


 Vacuum Gauges 8990471 & 9767002

Information on our 2 most popular vacuum gauges


 88058 Molded Thermocouple Jack

Torr's molded thermocouple jack



 EL78 Silicone Rubber Sheeting


 EL80 Silicone Rubber Sheeting


 EL82 & EL83 Silicone Rubber Sheeting


 EL1037T Silicone Rubber Sheeting


 EL1040T Silicone Rubber Sheeting


 883203 & 883210

RTV Silicone Adhesive, 2.8oz tube and 10.1 oz cartridge

 637 kb


1200 Primer

 72 kb