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Inflatables allow pressure to be applied to laminates or assemblies without the use of vacuum or autoclaves. Their construction varies according to the type of tooling being used. Some typical configurations are:

  • Totally enclosed molded silicone bladders with inflation stems for applying pressure in a contained environment.

  • Molded flat shapes with flanges that are bonded to flat or contoured tooling. The tooling serves as part of the inflatable and the silicone membrane is forced away from the tooling when pressure is applied.

  • Molded or seamed silicone tubes bonded to the inside or outside of tubular tooling. Pressure can be applied to the inside or outside of objects.

We recommend that any inflatable be fully contained to prevent rupture. Maximum recommended temperature and pressure is 400°F. and 100 psi, although higher pressures are possible with the correct tooling design.

Inflated Ring

This inflatable is a fully contained bladder with inflation stem. In service it will be constrained to a flat, circular conic but when pressurized unrestrained becomes a torus.

Inflated Mandrel

Metal tubes serve as the interior wall of these inflatables. A molded high-strength silicone tube is bonded to the outside.

Inflated Disc

These small inflatables are placed inside of a component and apply pressure outwards for bonding a sub-component.Note the safety relief valve.

Inflated Box

This large bladder has two inflation stems and is used at low pressures for doing thermoplastic forming. The sides are reinforced to restrain outward movement.