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Reusable Vacuum Bagging Systems, Hardware, Hoses & Pumps
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Table Systems
(EVTs with Carts)

Putting wheels underneath a tool frees up table space and adds utility. Putting a cart or tube structure under a plate allows you to install plumbing and thermocouple wiring underneath.

Mid-size Table
Small to mid-size table system with gauge, 3-way valve, and vacuum regulator for precise control during room-temp bonding.

Long Table
3' x 10' table for room-temp compacting of plies. Front panel has a gauge and 3-way valve so operator can easily apply vacuum and vent tool.

This group of 8 tools is used in 350°F+ temps and pressures up to 150 psi. Each cart has 2 vacuum connections plumbed to 4 ports in the plate. 2 thermocouple connections are in the diaphragm. Some of the tools have a loose diaphragm, specific to the parts they'll be curing.