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Vacuum Hose

Torr provides vacuum hose assemblies to meet all types of high-temp and room-temp processing requirements. The hoses are manufactured here in our Auburn WA facility to whatever length you require, sometimes shipping out the same day the order is placed. Hoses are supplied standard with 1/4" male npt end fittings. Additional sizes of male and female NPT, as well as JIC and SAE fittings are available for a nominal charge. Torr also stocks a complete selection of brass and steel NPT, SAE, and JIC fittings and adapters.

VH22 Silicone Rubber Autoclave/Oven Hose **NOW BLUE**
VH22 Silicone Rubber
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VH22 is a very flexible, durable aramid fiber-reinforced hose manufactured specifically for autoclave, oven, and room-temp vacuum processes. Formerly green in color, this blue reinforced silicone has become one of the best-selling vacuum hoses in the composites and laminating industry. Its resilient outer covering prevents bag punctures, mold damage, and injuries to users, and the aramid reinforcement is superior to fiberglass and other reinforcements. VH22 is available with a wide array of end fittings, including female 45° SAE and 37° JIC for use as mold and fixture vacuum plumbing lines.
 - Max temp 400°F continuous
 - Aramid fiber-reinforced silicone construction
 - Stainless steel liner for use in autoclave pressures up to 150 PSI
 - .38" ID x .75"OD
 - Standard pricing includes straight 1/4" male NPT end fittings°
 - 90° male NPT, female NPT, female 45° SAE and 37° JIC, ¼” male BSPT, and ¼” male BSPP optional

- Hoses are assembled in our Auburn WA facility, usually shipping 1-2 days after receipt of order

VH23 Stainless Steel Flex Autoclave/Oven Hose

Our stainless steel hoses feature annular corrugated construction without the stainless steel braid that can puncture bags (and skin). VH23 has approximately 7 corrugations per inch combining flexibility and economy in a 100% stainless steel vacuum hose.
 - Max temp: 1000°F continous
 - 200 psi external
 - 100% stainless steel construction
 - .375" ID x .630"OD
 - Comes standard with 1/4" male npt end fittings
 - Other NPT sizes, JIC, and 90° fittings available for an additional charge

VH24 Stainless Steel Hi-Flex Autoclave/Oven Hose

Similar in construction to VH23, VH24 has more corrugations (approximately 12 per inch) resulting in a more flexible stainless steel hose assembly. It also makes an excellent mold and fixture plumbing hose.
 - Max temp: 1000°F continous
 - 1000 psi external
 - 100% stainless steel construction
 - .375" ID x .630"OD
 - Comes standard with 1/4" male npt end fittings
 - Other NPT sizes, JIC, and 90° fittings available for an additional charge

  VH20 Rubber Room-Temp/Oven Hose

The VH20 combines durability, flexibilty, collapse-resistance, safety and economy into a bright yellow, easily identifiable vacuum hose.
 - Available in 1/4" ID, 3/8" ID, or 1/2" ID
 - Max temp: 190°F continuous
 - Rated full vacuum to 400 psi internal pressure
 - Double-reinforced, solvent-resistant covering
 - Comes standard with 1/4" male npt end fittings, straight and/or 90°
 - Other NPT sizes, SAE, and JIC end fittings available for a small additional charge